Heels vs. Flats… Confidence vs. Comfort

Mar 10, 2023


The “heels vs. flats” debate never gets old. If heels offer conquering confidence, flats can give more comfort and chic style. Women often struggle with making a sensible purchase on their shoe-shopping trip when it comes to choosing between the both. While some feel more confident and elegant in thundering heels, others prefer the comfort and convenience of flats. But as every occasion demands different shoe styles, here we have a few suggestions to make it easier for you to choose your ideal heel height.
Many people think that flat shoes are more comfortable for feet, but it is not always true. Sometimes, flats can cause more damage to the foot as they do not allow the foot to flex its arch, which causes pain in the shins and arthritis. Similarly, very high heels can also be uncomfortable and make the toes throb if walked in them for too long. So, choose a pair that looks right and feels right according to the occasion.
Rather than jumping into strappy stilettos for evening parties or formal occasions, kitten heels or short-heeled mules can also go well with most dresses. 1-2 inches heeled shoes go well with the day-wear and evening looks and are also most comfortable for feet, according to most pediatricians.
As a matter of fact, heels can make women feel confident, but they can also do the opposite if the height is not right. The same goes for flats. While the new wave of flat shoes gives a more feminine fashion statement, they can look bland with more formal wear. Hence, there are plenty of middle-ground Italian Footwear Solutions for women who tend to get lost in the heels vs. flats debate.
Italian Footwear Solutions offers plenty of mid-heel shoes for women to pair with any outfit. To check out the Italian cushioned shoes for women, follow https://www.italianfootwearsolution.com/product-category/women/formal-women/

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