Italian Footwear Solution
Since 1887.



Italian Footwear Solution in Dubai was founded in 2009, due to very high demand for Comfortable & Technical Professional footwear specifically created for the professional industries like Aviation, Hospitality, Government, Clinics, and so on. This gave birth to a very specialized line of footwear called “ecoflex®”

History and Background

The Pioneering Spirit and Quest Demonstrated by the Legendary founder, Raffaele Lauria in 1887, continues to Inspire the company today.

In 1980, his nephew Raphael G. A. Lauria started exporting footwear around the world through his new exporting company “Transit di Lauria Raphael”.

In 1994 he opened a branch in Canada for the Canadian & American market (United Factories of Italy).

Business increased in the Gulf therefor in 2004 he opened an office in Dubai ( FME – Footwear Middle East ) to better serve his main customers like the Minister of Interior, Abu Dhabi Police, Dubai Police, Immigration, Police College, which still continues today.

Due to the high demand of professional shoes for professionals, another company was formed in 2009 called “ Italian Footwear Solution” making professional footwear for the hospitality industry and aviation industry.

Today we serve all markets, industries, sectors & clients worldwide.

Our Mission

“Being recognized as the world leader in putting smiles on everyone wearing our comfy stylish shoes since happy feet equals happy people .

We also feel deeply passionate and committed to social and ecological causes, and believe that “together it’s our duty to help bring nature back to life”!


“Becoming the most desirable footwear brand in the world.”

Why choose an ISO certificate supplier ?

When choosing a suplier, it’s important to find one that will be:

(A) Reliable and Efficient by focusing on quality management

(B) Aware on Health & Safely Regulations

(C) Environmentally Friendly, and finally

(D) If you plan in investing on an inventory management program, such as a vendor managed inventory (VMI) program. For these reasons, ISO certification should rank highly on your list, as this provides added assurance that your supplier is operating as per international verifiable standards.


Which Certifications are important ?

IFS is a certified company with:

ISO 1900:2008 (International Quality Management)
ISO 14001:2004 (Health & Safety Regulations)
OHSAS 18001:2007 (Environmentally Friendly)


What is an ISO Certified Company ?

An ISO certification certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the international requirements for standardization and quality assurance required for Management, Safety, & Environment.



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