Our Difference

Even though we have 3 generations of footwear excellence, every day we wake up early morning by challenging ourselves, our products, our services, and our knowledge. By doing so, we notice that there is always space for improvements. This is our drive to pursue perfection since a masterpiece is created through details. We are not traders of footwear but designers, developers, footwear technicians and manufacturers. Great products must also start with great ingredients. Our continuous research of only the best precious and finest materials is an ongoing challenge which we embrace with love. The art of Perfection is the Art of Concentration, and only by loving your Art with great passion you can devote timeless seconds, minutes, hours, into the production. This makes us creators, fashion designers, innovators of the finest footwear which carries our proud brands.

Professional Footwear made by Professionals for Professionals.
– 3 Generations of Italian footwear manufacturing excellence since 1887.
– Unlike other companies which only depend on footwear imports, we manufacture our own footwear according to our highest Italian standards.
– We are the proud owners of the Original legendary Italian brand “ecoflex®”.
– Our commitment and promise to everyone is “when wearing our shoes, you must feel the maximum comfort pampering your feet”.

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