Shine on Eid with New Shoes!

Apr 17, 2023


Eid marks the end of the Holy month of Ramadan when Muslims around the world observe fasting. As soon as the new moon is sighted, Eid is celebrated with great zeal. The best thing about this occasion is the socialization– friends and family gatherings, food, and a lot of fun time together. UAE goes all out for its Eid-al-Fitr celebrations with food festivals, last-minute sales, and other activities that no one gets short of choices to enjoy with family and friends. As Eid-al-Fitr is around the corner, everyone is equally excited and getting their new dresses and shoes ready. Children, women, and everyone is indulging in shopping. Hence, to help in your Eid shoe shopping, we recommend letting your kids step into a new pair of shoes that is comfortable besides blingy.
If you do not want to get your Eid fun ruined, pick the right shoes for your kids so they can enjoy themselves without complaining about pain. For little Cinderellas, ballerinas are as chic as comfortable to uplift their Eid looks. Ballerinas in satins, in glitters or with fancy bows can be a trendy pick to pair with any outfit. For boys, lightweight and thick cushioned runners or sneakers can be a comfortable choice for an active day. Retro sneakers with relaxed-fit jeans give a very elevated look. Sandals can be best for a more sleek and minimalist look to pair with the traditional Kandura dress.
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