5 Mind-blowing ways to tie your laces

Mar 12, 2021


The lacing of sneakers should not only be beautiful but also durable. These are sports shoes designed for heavy loads; therefore, they must be securely attached to their feet. But at the same time, modern fashionistas who regularly go in for sports want to slightly diversify the appearance of their shoes. Buying new sports shoes is impractical, and with the help of interesting lacing methods, even old sneakers that have had time to get bored a little can be updated. We have collected different lacing options that everyone can easily master. They are reliable and will not come loose at the most inopportune moment of training.

With a secret knot

One of the fun ways to lace up your sneakers is with a hidden knot. To crank this procedure, you need:
• Start lacing from the bottom holes.
• Pass them through the holes, adjusting so that the right side is longer than the left (the difference should be small, so do not overdo it).
• Then the instruction is the same as in the previous case – parallel lines should form.
• At the end, do not lace up the left end, but draw the right end through the left hole.
• Both ends should be on the left (because the right side of the lace should have been left a little longer).
• Tie the ends in the corner, and tuck inward.
The knot will not be visible, but the lacing will be strong and will not creep.


Sherpa knot

When the laces are constantly being untied, a surgical method of tying can be used. This method is reliable, but difficult to implement:
• tie two laces symmetrically.
• make a loop from the right braid without tightening.
• thread the left part several times into the hole formed between the two ropes.
• tighten the identical intertwined loops of the two laces.
The sherpa knot differs from the standard tying method by threading the second strap through the loop several times to secure it in place. The universal method is compatible with any shoe model.


Stangled Trail

This lacing is complex and is used mainly for sports models. For an original tie, one rope is threaded through the top hole and pulled in a zigzag pattern through three holes in the fourth. When the penultimate hole is reached, the lace is threaded from the inside into the extreme hole, then pulled in the opposite direction in a zigzag through 3 holes into the fourth to the penultimate upper row.



A popular method is suitable for any shoe model: lacing looks equally stylish on classic shoes and sneakers. The ribbon is passed into the lower holes from the inside, removed from the outside and inserted from the inside of the opposite hole located 1 row below. The other end is threaded in a similar manner to cross the ropes. This method allows you to tightly fix shoes or sneakers on your foot.



To wear a “zipper” on your sneakers, you need to be a creative person. It is very simple to lace up in this way: lacing begins with two lower holes from the inside; one tip extends through all the holes to the last and turns out to the opposite side; the second end is threaded from the outside through the second hole from the opposite edge and is threaded through the third hole from the same side; lacing continues to the end, after which a knot is tied.

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