BASIC-Ankle boot vs Short boots vs Knee boots

Aug 05, 2022


The difference between different types of boots depends on the difference heights of the back upper side. When the back profile ends at the height more or less at the ankle bone, then we talk about an Ankle Boot. These Ankle Boots are in reality winter shoes with an upper covering the leg above the foot reaching the ankle. This height measurements are calculated not on the esthetic point of view but for it’s proper functionality. In a female ankle boot in size 37, it is usually 12cm while in men boot in size 42, it would be around 14cm. These sizes can be modified for esthetic reasons but the danger consist when lowering the boot leg height under the ankle bone, it could rub at this point and cause pain during walk. In order to facilitate the entrance of the foot, different systems can be used like zippers on the side or back part of the boot, we can also have elastics or even laces. One of the most important measurements of the ankle boot is the heel girth. The ankle boot can come in various styles like derby, oxford, laced boot or a classical Chelsea having elastics on the sides. Often to help fit these kind of boots having no zippers or laces but only side elastics, a back puller is positioned on the back top profile which is used for pulling the boot upwards.

Regarding the low boots also called low cut boots, which again depends on the height of the boot leg which is between the ankle boot and the boot will have the back profile always above the ankle going towards the knee. Because the leg will also have to fit, a system of laces or zips will have to be part of these boots. This means that in all the low boots the ankle bone will always be covered. This can vary from 16cm to 28cm depending on the style. As we already saw with the ankle boot, the heel girth in the low boot plays a very important factor in the good wearability of the boot. The heel girth is the measurement of the circumference between the heel and top profile which is at least 32cm in a 37 size shoe for women and at least 36cm in a 42 size shoe for men. A specific type of low boots would be called pullup boots which got inspired by the cowboy boots and biker boots. These have the characteristic of having no opening to help fit your foot so the heel girth must be higher by 1 or eve n1.5cm more than a more traditional one and so they should be relatively easy to wear. To additionally help the fit, there usually are two pullers on the side of each half pair to help pull up the boot. In order for the foot to easily slip in and out even after the foot tends to swell at the end of the day, the ankle girth is extremely important and so, instead of the traditional 12-12.5cm girth width, should be at least 1cm wider.

The boots also called knee boots, is characterized by the fact that it covers the leg right until the knee. Usually, the height in a shoe size 37 will be 38cm. An easy formula would be the shoe size + 1cm but this is only average since it will always depend on the creativity of the designer. In the boot we have apart from the heel girth, the ankle girth, the calf girth and finally the top bootleg girth. The designers can play with the width in these measurements but never the height position. The boot leg in the knee boots, tends to have an inclination called bootleg spring which should reflex the natural inclination of the leg. In case of riding boots and motorcycle boots, the inclination will be forward towards the toe and instead for normal walk it will be towards the heel.

Lastly we have boots with bootleg covering the knees and above called high cut boots. These kind of boots are usually made of more elastic materials which helps the wearability.

There are also many other type of designer boots like sandal boots or clog boots, which we can categorize as hybrid boots which is not the scope of this basis lesson.

FUNCTION: Initially the boots were made to keep the entire foot and leg warm in cold weather but then apart from its main function, today it has become a fashion footwear were which follows the traders of the designers imagination.
Italian Footwear Solution has always enshured comfort wearability in all its boots manufacturing ensuring all the correct measurements are respected following a standard fit. Our main goal weather we produce shoes or boots is always to give the wearer the most comfortable experience while designing fashion trends.
One shoe fits all approach does not work and we understand that the most important thing is to always start with a perfect last which has a comfortable girth measurements and then build our fashion designs around this base. You can rest assure that Italian footwear solution will always work with best technicians and utilize best materials to offer a beautiful esthetic shoe having in addition a perfect most comfortable fit.

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