BASIC-The Perfect Comfort Shoe

Jun 03, 2022


In our previous lesson, amongst many things, we spoke about the length and width (instep girth) as main measurements to get a perfect fit. In this lesson we will study the importance of the technical aspect of the foot inside a shoe and how it will affect its comfort.

The big Toe is the 1st Metatarsal bone all the way to the 5th little toe. The difference ball girth between a bare foot and the girth of the foot wearing a comfort shoe is approximately 1cm. Between a comfort shoe and a tight shoe is also approximately 1cm. In case we want to modify the shoe style it is important not to modify the area occupied by the bones so we will need to give more volume in the Instep girth and bone girth.

One more consideration is to give at least 5-6mm space between the shoe and the foot in order to be considered a Perfect shoe fit. The contrary is will also be a problem when there is too much space and the foot moves too much inside the shoe. The space in front can also hurt if too short so a good measurement is essential when choosing a shoe size.

In general, we can say there are 3 types of feet; the Roman foot(Square), the Egyptian foot(almost average perfect) and the Greek foot(Index longer). In order to have a good fit, we develop last according to the Egyptian foot since this is the average. We also need to consider the width of Male and Female which are also very different and for this reason, we cannot scale a shoe size 38 for Male for a Female and viceversa. This is mainly because the heel and the ball girth are slimmer in female.

When a lady wears a high heel, the foot bends towards the front increasing the instep girth. The contrary will happen if a flat shoe is worn.

Another variable to consider is that feet may have a longer fore foot or a shorter fore foot. A foot which fits perfectly in the shoe will have a foot Arch which fits perfectly in the Waste of the shoe curvature and ball point also will be same as the last developed. If these measurements are correctly done, the toes will have space and can relax inside the shoe. This will be a good comfortable shoe.

Another challenge is the heel part which can be wider or slimmer. The higher the heel the more pressure on the metatarsus and so it is important for a comfort shoe to have a padding right in the joint of the Ball Point Girth footbed.

FUNCTION: The Last Measurements are done with very accurate calculations by professionals in order to make a good and comfortable last. This last needs to consider the anatomical measurements of the average foot and if necessary, add a narrow or Wider last.

Italian Footwear Solution will take all these measurements into consideration ensuring that the foot fits properly into the shoe with a correct arch and instep curve adapting to the inclination during walk. Our shoes will have extra padding on the ball point line, footbed, heel and counter to reduce fatigue and back pain so that the foot not only sits perfectly into the shoe but is pampered by the extra high quality memory foam used. We guarantee long-lasting comfort and high performance in all our shoes. All our shoes have a fashionable look with anti-skid, anti-static, and made from pure leather for maximum comfort and thermal protection.

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