BASIC-The Perfect Fit in every Step

May 27, 2022


In order for a shoe manufacturer to make a shoe with a perfect fit, it is very important that he utilizes a last having perfect measurements which in return, giving the shoe a perfect fit. In order to get a perfect fitting last, we need to find the exact balance between fashion and comfort. The way to obtain this is by making the perfect comfort last measurement, fit into a fashion trendy shoe. This is easier said than done since fashion designers look at the esthetic look only, while penalizing the comfort. For this reason, the fit of two different brands will most probably fit differently giving the user a different feel in comfort and fit. It is a good idea to have the measurements of your feet and then compare them to the chart usually printed on the brands shoe box. A good designer will always start with a good measured last and then work his design around this. In this lesson, we will teach you the basic of measuring a last in order to understand if it is well manufactured or needs changes before using it into production. These changes can be done by you or just by sending the new desired measurements to the last manufacture who will make them for you. It is important to keep in mind that a Court shoe will have different measurements than a ballerina or a hiking shoe, since each type of different styles will have different requirements.

There are two main measurements which need to be considered. The length of the foot and the width of the instep girth. The length of the foot will determine the shoe size while the instep girth (Girth meaning Volume) will determine if we need a Normal, Wide or X-Wide fit. The length of a foot is a 2D measurement and can be done by placing the foot on a piece of paper on a flat surface and placing the heel against a wall. The measurement will be taken from the wall to the longest toe. This will give your shoe size in number by comparing your measurement to a foot size table (also available on our website The Girth or Volume is a 3D measurement and will determine the volume of the foot in the widest instep area. Measuring the foot in this area is also called the Instep girth. This is a very important measurement since not all feet are the same and if not taken into consideration it could create lots of problems during fit. You should always take the bigger measurement of both feet as reference. A person with higher instep, could take a bigger size shoe to feel more comfortable, while all that was really needed was a wider shoe. Other important measurements are the Ball Girth which is measured around the foot (this is the widest part of the foot) where the two prominent bones on the side of the foot are felt representing the small bones (Tarsals) connected to the metatarsal bones. The medial ball point will connect to the lateral ball point passing by the Vamp Point in the middle of the Last. Half way between the Instep Girth and Ball Girth-Joint Girth is the Waist Girth measurement.

The front part of the ball joint is also called the FORE PART and the back of the ball joint is called the BACK PART.

With the help of these measurements and others, we are able to create the Perfect Fit Shoe Last which represents the heart of shoe design (shoe pattern) and shoe fit by reflecting the anatomical shape of our foot. If you have a good shoe last and make a perfect pattern design from it, you can be sure a great shoe will be made. A comfort Fit must be calculated each time a last is developed and is essential in producing shoes which will have the PERFECT FIT.
FUNCTION: The Last Measurements are done with very accurate calculations by professionals in order to make a good and comfortable last. We are able to test this last and if needed bring more modifications to it until we reach the desired perfection.

Italian Footwear Solution will ensure to only work together with the best last manufacturers and technicians so together with testing and modifications can obtain the Perfect Fit in every shoe we produce for all our satisfied customers wearing our brands.

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