BASIC – Upper & Lining – 1/2

Apr 14, 2022


The upper is the top part of the shoe, surrounding the foot and is attached to the assembly insole and outer sole. It can be made of an upper part, a middle part (usually sponge for additional comfort) and a bottom layer called the lining in direct contact with your foot. The upper and lining can be classified into 3 groups;

B) FABRIC which is reinforced woven materials
C) SINTHETIC which is made by attaching one or two layers of synthetic materials to a base support.

The Leather is the most noble material. It is breathable, flexible, stretchable having in addition, humidity and temperature control quality and is naturally accepted by our skin. The leather is very versatile so it can be processed (said tanned), so to become very hard or gently soft depending on the age of the animal, the thickness, and the tanning technique used. We can vary the look, texture, thickness and color during this tanning process.
A general rule is the younger the animal the higher the quality. There are also exotic leathers like Fish, Ostrich, Reptiles, and Horse.
Tanning of the skin with mineral or vegetable tanning will give the skin it’s richness, and mainly stabilize it to keep it from decaying and rotting.

FUNCTION: Covering and protecting the foot, keeping it warm and helps the movement during walk. Some uppers will have more volume being more comfortable while others will focus more on the fashion look and style.

Italian Footwear Solution uses only fine quality uppers with a touch of fashion and a great deal of comfort. The prestigious materials used during our production combined with expert craftmanship will ensure the best quality our customers always trust and appreciate. Always trust the high quality of our materials for the best experience in look and walk.

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