BASIC-Want to know your Real shoe size?

Jun 17, 2022


Often, we struggle with various numbers printed on our shoes increasing our confusion on what is our actual shoe size or should we say, our real foot size. It is not the shoe who determines our size but our foot. If we realize that our two feet have also different measurements, it will become even more confusing. Let us try to put some clarify into this very confusing subject for everyone.

First of all, let us be clear that there are only two principal ways to measure our size and this is in CM or Inches. This means that in any part of the world, you will get the exact same measurements from anyone’s feet. The problem lies in the way we then interpret these measurements into shoe size which depends on the geographical area.

Let us start by identifying the most popular shoe sizes we can find in the market; a) French size (also called European size), b) UK size, and c) US size. When the brand exhibits his shoes at a shoe exhibition, they will only display the base size, which is 42 for men and 37 for lady. The reason for this is that the cost of developing all the sizes is very high so manufacturers will only make one size (called the base size) to start. If this new style gets enough orders necessary to amortize the entire size range investment, then after the show, they will invest in all the sizes (usually 40-46 for male and 36-41 for lady). Few suppliers will go further in developing width girth like Normal fit, Wide fit and X-Wide fit. Some very fewer suppliers will also extend their range adding ½ sizes in their range. By including different width girth and half sizes, you can be sure that you will satisfy mostly all types of feet. When we change the last size, we talk about scaling, while when we talk about width, we talk about grading usually calculated by the instep girth.

The US system will have a last difference of width girth of 6.35mm equivalent to ¼ Inch while in the European (French) system the difference will be of 4.5mm. As we already said, we also need to measure the length which is measured from the heel point to the center of the toe giving us a measurement in cm/mm. The French system will calculate the Paris (or French point) which equals to 6.66 mm = 2/3 cm which is little longer than half a cm. The English system (English point) is 8.46mm = 1/3 inch since one inch = 25.4mm. So, the difference between size 8 and size 9 = 8.46mm. The American system also has a difference of 8.46mm between a size 4 and 6. There are also other systems like the Russian, the Japanese, the Mexican, and Korean. In order to find a table with conversions, you can visit our website at:

The fitting girth or width of the last in the UK system is classified by C, F & G while the French system uses numbers and so F which is central or normal fit is the 6th letter of the alphabet called 6 and C = 4 and G = 7.

In the American system we will have 1 width in normal fit called M (medium = 6), Narrow = S or SS or SSS and Wide E or EE or EEE. Since this would create even more confusion to the public, the American system will only display on their shoe box; N = Narrow, M Medium & W = Wide.

French widths: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
English widths: A B C D E F G H J K
American widths AAAA AAA AA A B C D E EE

Different ½ sizes with option of various width is to give a better option to the customers.

FUNCTION: In order to get a comfortable fit when wearing a shoe, it is important to take into consideration different factors which play a very important role. The sole should be very lightweight and flexible making the user feel almost as if, they are not wearing a shoe and the natural movement of the foot during walk is harmonic. The materials used should be of highest quality and soft to embrace the foot without any compression in any point but just following the foot during walk. The fit of the shoe must be the most important calculations the designer should focus on during the creation. The correct measurements of the foot circumferences and length, will allow the designer to manufacture any style of shoe having a very comfortable fit. These calculations take into consideration the walking movement, the standing position and also the sitting position which are obviously different due to the pressure our body exercises on the foot.

Italian Footwear Solution will take all the above factors into consideration while designing and manufacturing a shoe before any design is created since the Comfort and the Perfect Fit are our main objectives when designing a shoe. Once the perfect fit measurements are reached for our particular style we wish to create, we can then create our fashion around this base design. With the design in mind, we need to use our traditional experience in purchasing the most soft and flexible materials which will ensure comfort the feet of our customers during each step pampering their delicate feet all day long. As we always say… “ Happy Feet = Happy People “.

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