How to choose good and high-quality shoes?

Jun 30, 2021


The heel makes a woman’s leg slim and beautiful, visually conceals imperfections. But walking in heels is quite difficult, in the wrong shoes the leg will get tired, there will be swelling and pain in the foot, calluses. Therefore, before buying a new pair, you need to decide how to choose shoes with heels.
Modern footwear amazes with a variety of types of heels – it can be a practical low heel for every day, a high stiletto heel or an elegant and comfortable “glass”. Each girl chooses for herself the height and shape of the heel on her own, but everyone should adhere to simple recommendations:

  • it is necessary to choose high-quality shoes that will support the arch of the foot;
  • the height and shape of the heel should maintain balance; unsteadiness of the foot indicates that the shoes are not suitable for you;
  • the toes should be free, squeezing them leads to the appearance of calluses, swelling and pain in the foot;
  • the heel should not create difficulties when walking, the foot should remain in a normal position, you should not have a constant urge to bend your knees. Some girls advise to conduct a test: after putting on new shoes, you need to stand on your toes: if you manage to easily tear your heels off the floor and stand on your toes, you will be able to walk in these shoes will only be comfortable to stand.


What should be the height of the heel?

When choosing shoes, it is very important to choose the right heel height. There are no exact norms on this score, but there are a number of recommendations that will help you buy really comfortable and beautiful shoes that will make a woman’s leg graceful and attractive:
1. A low heel up to 2-4 cm fits most, it provides support for the foot, slightly raises the leg, but allows you to maintain balance. Walking in such shoes is comfortable and easy; it suits any season and gives the image a feminine touch.
2. A medium heel of 5-6 cm looks more expressive. It is stable, comfortable even when walking for a long time and does not cause discomfort. Such shoes are appropriate in almost any situation – in the office, on a walk, at a party.
3. A high heel of 7-9 cm visually makes the leg look slimmer and more beautiful, but not everyone is suitable. Most often, this height is used for wedges or boats, evening shoes, formal office models. With a sufficient heel thickness, the shoe will be stable and comfortable, a thin heel makes the shoe not very stable.
4. The very high heel of 10-11 cm makes the contours of the leg graceful and very beautiful, but it does not fit well for frequent wear. The bending of the foot at this height is unnatural, an uneven load is exerted on the foot, which causes swelling and pain. When worn for a short time, these shoes will become an indispensable element of a stylish evening look, but if you plan to wear such shoes all day, we advise you to take ballet flats with you: you will definitely want to change.
5. A stiletto heel or a very high heel from 11 cm. This shoe option is not suitable for everyone, it is difficult to wear shoes or other shoes with such a heel for a long time, the leg and foot are very tired. But here it all depends on the type of the heel itself and the shoes – in the presence of a normal shoe and shock-absorbing instep support, the shoes will be very comfortable for the evening. Due to the anatomical features of the foot, it is almost impossible to wear a heel above 11-12 centimeters without a platform, therefore, platform shoes of several centimeters appeared, which allow increasing the heel up to 14-16 centimeters! Many girls feel quite confident in such high heels – the main thing is not to forget to buy only high-quality shoes that will not cause injuries and diseases of the legs.


Can a wedge heel replace a heel?

Many women who cannot wear high heels prefer a wedge heel or a combination of a wedge with a platform. This allows you to achieve the required height while maintaining walking comfort. The platform height in the toe area is usually 3-4 cm, the heel is up to 12-13 cm high, which allows you to get the lifting effect, like with a high stiletto heel, but with an actual value of up to 8-10 cm. A correctly designed wedge heel is no less elegant than heel but more stable.

Shoes with heels make the outlines of a woman’s figure more feminine and attractive, but such shoes should be chosen very carefully. An incorrectly matched pair can cause not only swelling and pain in the foot but also injuries.

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