How to choose the right shoes?

Apr 06, 2021


New fashion trends appear every day. This is especially true for shoes, because you want so much for each new outfit to choose something new and consistent with all fashion trends. But this raises several questions. Do you want to know how to choose the right shoes? Knowledge of the basic rules, life hacks and common mistakes sometimes not only save the wallet, but also preserve health and beauty.


Imagine a situation: you need to buy regular, casual shoes or shoes for an important event. You go to the store, measure, and buy, or place an order online. At first glance, elementary actions. But how to understand whether the choice was made correctly? If you are unsure of how to choose the right shoes, pay attention to the following criteria:
• practicality and comfort when worn.
• wear resistance.
• attractive appearance.
• appropriate size.

Shoes in no case should cause discomfort or pain, because it harms not only the legs, but also health in general.



There is not a single person who, buying shoes, did not make mistakes. Therefore, we have systematized the most common mistakes so that you can avoid them:
1. Buying shoes in the morning. You will be surprised, but it is better to try on models in the evening, when your legs are already tired and have slightly increased in volume.
2. Materials. The cost does not mean anything yet, because you can buy not cheap shoes, and the quality of materials leaves much to be desired.
3. Low cost. Do not save, because a miser pays twice, and in the case of shoes, you can pay off with your health curvature of posture.
4. Choice of narrow models. These shoes may not be worn all the time. Indeed, because of the narrow shoes, you run the risk of deforming the phalanx of the toes.



Materials play a big role in the choice of footwear. Buying boots or shoes made of genuine leather, suede or nubuck will help keep the skin of your feet healthy, if you use shoes made of synthetic materials. So, let`s understand the intricacies of the choice of materials.
Natural leather promotes natural heat exchange, so the feet in such shoes “breathe”. Whichever quality leatherette the manufacturer uses, your feet will sweat. In addition, fumes come from leatherette, which your skin absorbs, which leads to the development of fungus.
The second point that you should definitely pay attention to is the insole. Always ask the stores what material it is made of. Ideally, the insole should be treated with an antibacterial solution and wick away moisture. Keep in mind that over time, natural leather may stretch a little, so do not take models that are initially large for you. Following all these tips, you will never make a mistake and the question of how to choose the right shoes will disappear by itself.



It is very simple to choose the right shoes for an adult or a child. When choosing both women’s and men’s shoes, focus on the quality of tailoring and the materials used. Remember that only choosing the right shoe size will not harm your health. For example, buying shoes one size larger runs the risk of injury.
When it comes to heel height, focus on how you feel and how stable you feel. It is unlikely that you will enjoy balancing all the time, and besides, it can cause a curvature of the spine


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