How to remove stains from leather shoes?

May 30, 2021


Leather shoes are stylish in appearance and relatively easy to care for, but even they become stained over time and lose their novelty. Most often this happens due to improper maintenance and salt mixtures used in road works. Salt has a negative effect on the skin, it dries it out, leaves stains and streaks, and causes cracks. To remove stains from leather shoes, you can use a wide range of products produced by manufacturers specifically for such cases.


How to remove salt stains?

There are many ways to clean genuine leather shoes. These are regular household care in the form of cleaning from dirt and water after returning from the street, special creams and balms for nourishing and restoring color and shine, water-repellent sprays. There are tips for using folk remedies such as vinegar or castor oil, but we are totally against using them. Any non-specialized products can themselves harm the skin, leave stains on it and deprive it of its properties.

The main ways to remove stains from leather shoes are as follows:

  1. Regular cleaning of dirt. Immediately after returning from the street, you should clean the surface of the skin from dust and liquid dirt. To do this, use an ordinary clean napkin or paper towel with which you need to carefully collect all the dirt. If necessary, boots or boots can be gently wiped with a damp cloth and left to dry at room temperature.
  2. The skin is exposed to the extremely negative effects of salt mixtures during the winter. Even the best skin has ugly white spots and streaks, which are difficult to get rid of. To fight stains, ordinary vinegar is sometimes used, which is diluted with water and wiped with it on the contaminated areas. We do not recommend this method for smooth or any other skin! Vinegar is an aggressive substance, it can spoil the appearance and deteriorate the properties of the skin. Take good care of your shoes using only professional products.
  3. Another myth is castor oil, which was used to restore the skin, preserve its tone and beautiful appearance. We do not recommend using castor oil or any other non-specialized oil to cleanse and nourish smooth skin. Use only professional creams and balms to nourish the skin and restore its properties.
  4. The use of water-repellent sprays eliminates the need to remove streaks altogether. These are special products in the form of aerosols that are regularly sprayed onto the surface of the skin. As a result, dirt and water simply roll off the surface of the skin, leaving no traces.

When caring for leather shoes in winter, great attention should be paid to protection from salt. This mixture is actively sprinkled on roads, making them less slippery. But salt is dangerous for shoes, it spoils the skin, leaves stains. To remove stains, you can use special products or regularly protect your shoes from damage with water-repellent sprays.

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