Mar 31, 2022


SKELETON OF A SHOE: ASSEMBLY INSOLE is the lower part of the shoe which cuddles the foot right beneath the footbed. This part is very important because together with the Toe Box and Counter forms the skeleton and will ensure a good stability and comfort of the shoe. It is essential that the insole is made of good quality orthopedic and flexible material which is the core of a good quality shoe making. A good insole will give you a good shoe and should never be under estimated since it will be the most important part of a good structure of a shoe.
The insole is also part of the stiffener family, which is a strong but flexible material and is positioned between the footbed and the outer sole. It will be the heart of the shoe since most of the other materials will be attached to it, like heel, upper, footbed, and outer sole.

FUNCTION: Gives the shoe it’s structure, form, flexibility, comfort, shape and stability.

Italian Footwear Solution uses only top-quality insoles made by professional craftsmen who understands the quality of a shoe. These quality stiffeners as the toe box and counter will ensure beauty and perfect shape of the shoe. In order to increase the comfort, all our assembly insoles have an additional padding adding more comfort cuddling the foot during walk.

It is very crucial that the assembly insole is manually made to match perfectly the bottom of the shoe last. This will ensure there are no gaps in between and will be a perfect fit.

Always trust the high quality of our materials and our specialized experts assembling each part of the shoe for the best experience in look and comfort walk.

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