Mar 15, 2022


SKELETON OF A SHOE: COUNTER also called stiffener is a strong material positioned between the upper and the lining in the heel position of the shoe.

FUNCTION: Gives the heel part of the shoe it’s shape and holds the foot in place.

Italian Footwear Solution uses only top quality counters to ensure maximum comfort, stability and durability to all its footwear.

4 thoughts on “BASIC-COUNTER

  1. Good information keep moving

    1. Thank you. Soon we will start our more advanced course, Pattern Designs—looking forward to seeing you there.

  2. Which type of material use for linning

    1. Hello Mariam Haider,

      As for the lining, you have different options from which I would suggest you read the upper material in the following lessons of this course. We, as Italian Footwear Solution, prefer leather lining.

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