Terminology of the Last – 2/4

Sep 23, 2022


The high heel last will have a different terminology due to the fact that we need to consider the height and angle of the heel. During technique designing, the heel seat which holds the heel of the shoe will be calculated to have the correct height and inclination of the last.

• Wedge Angle: This angle depends on the height of the heel. The higher the heel, the greater the ankle.
• Heel Curve / Back Curve: The heel curve is the back part of the last starting at the feather edge all the way up to the top plane.
• Toe Point: The front of the last at the tip is called the Toe Point.
• Center Axis: The center axis is the line dividing the last in two from the toe point to the heel curve.
• Tread Line: This line goes from one medial ball point to the lateral ball point below the last.
• Tread Point: This point is the crossroad between the center axis and the tread line.
• Breast line: this is the line where the heel starts and ends in the back feather edge.
• Shank area: This is the area between the tread line and the breast line.
• Heel Seat: This is the the back section of the last from the breast line to the back feather side.

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