Ways to identify Ecoflex

Mar 10, 2017



Just like any other brand, ecoflex ® will have its own fair share of fakes. After all, ecoflex ® is known not just for its comfort, but also for its stylish and casual designs. And more importantly, nobody wants to pay a good price for a fake ecoflex ® product.

  1. Excellent finishing is into details and so investigate even the smallest details.
  2. Great products starts with great ingredients so inspect all the materials including the midsoles.
  3. Our ecoflex ® shoes have branded tongue so check the tongue of your shoe.
  4. Our ecoflex ® shoes have great Italian designs so be aware of the style.
  5. ecoflex ® is a registered brand belonging to IFS so if anyone can sell lower than IFS then it is probably a fake.
  6. Always ensure the seller is an authorized seller of IFS.
  7. Look at the stitching’s, in socks, glue stains, proper labels and tags since the Art of perfection is the Art of concentration and each ecoflex ® shoe is carefully inspected.
  8. Ensure the brand is clear and clearly readable.
  9. If you still have any doubt, observe the weight of the shoes.  A fake ecoflex ® shoe will seem rigid and quite heavy compared to the original.  After all, a genuine ecoflex ® shoe must be light for you to move comfortably.
  10. Inspect the outsoles branding.
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